The Miscellaneous category was not really a category of its own, but rather an open-ended position in my writing schedule that afforded me some flexibility. The Miscellaneous entry in any given month could be a subject that did not easily fit into the other categories, such as the Legend of the Angel of Mons or the Overview of the Wannsee Conference. In other cases, it could be a second article in one of the other categories. Those articles will be found in the corresponding category on the other pages. The articles that remain here would not fit well in one of the other categories.

The Legend of the Angel of Mons

An Overview of the Wannsee Conference

The Revival of Helmets During World War I

Spain in World War II: The Blue Division

The Effects of the Blockade on Germany in World War I

The Role of Destroyer Escorts in World War II

The Role of Hans Frank in Nazi Germany

The Role of Karl Dönitz in Nazi Germany

Death of the Red Baron

The Battleships of Pearl Harbor

A Brief History of the Battleship Bismarck

An Overview of the 1941 Coup by Rashid Ali in Iraq

Andrei Vlassov and the Russian Liberation Army in World War II

Japan’s Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere in World War II

The Role of Saipan in the Pacific War

The Warships Included at the Battle of the Philippine Sea