Many individuals left their mark on the course of the World Wars, for better or worse. Some especially famous figures, from Churchill to Hitler and from Eisenhower to Rommel, already had biographies in the channel, but only ones who would be familiar to the casual student. During my short time as Channel Manager, I focused primarily on military leaders serving as Chief of Staff, or in comparable roles. These men shaped their nation’s strategies during key periods in the World Wars.

My intention for this category was to focus on the military contributions of these figures, rather than to provide a well-rounded biography. Some notes about early life were provided, especially where these contribute to the individual’s official activities later, and some information about the person’s postwar activities or the circumstances of his death were included, but the bulk of the article concerned his participation in World War I, World War II or both.

Georgi Zhukov

Paul von Hindenburg

Karl Dönitz

John J Pershing

Lord Kitchener

Tojo Hideki

Ferdinand Foch

George C Marshall

Erich von Falkenhayn

Sir Arthur Harris

Franz Conrad von Hoetzendorf

Chester Nimitz

Sir Douglas Haig

Heinz Guderian 

Erich Ludendorff

Yamamoto Isoroku

Count Luigi Cadorna

Albert Kesselring

Radomir Putnik

Sir Bernard Law Montgomery

The Legacy of General Douglas MacArthur