Big Picture

The Big Picture category represented an opportunity to explore some of the more abstract issues with direct relevance to the World Wars. These two conflicts ushered in a host of conceptual changes in warfare, from the trench warfare that paralyzed the Western Front in World War I, to the development of tanks and airplanes that were meant to break that paralysis. Those two elements were employed in different ways in World War II, based on the strategic visions of each nation, resulting in such strategic systems as German Blitzkrieg and the Soviet Deep Penetration doctrine, as well as the Anglo-American strategic bombing campaign.

This category offered an opportunity to explore such conceptual issues. The pattern here is not as well-defined as in the previous three categories. An explanation of the role of cavalry in the First World War requires a different approach from the exploration of strategic bombing as an outgrowth of Giulio Douhet’s theories. In each case, however, I endeavored to write an article that explained the nature of each subject and presented its significance for the World Wars.

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