The World Wars

My first priority as Channel Manager for The World Wars was to formulate a plan for expansion. I examined a list of all titles existing in that channel, and considered what topics were already sufficiently represented, and which ones needed work. Some topics, such as Pearl Harbor, the Battle of the Bulge and the liberation of the Philippines, already enjoyed multiple titles, but many important subjects had no representation at all.

To remedy this, I organized my monthly projects into five categories: Weapons of War, Profile, Battles and Campaigns, Big Picture issues and a Miscellaneous category. Each one built on the existing database in its own way. For more information on each category, and a list of articles, please follow the appropriate link.

Weapons of War


Battles and Campaigns

Big Picture


In October 2013, the position was reclassified as Subject Specialist amid a rebranding effort on the part of Helium, but my role remained the same, and I continued writing new articles until the site passed into read-only mode the following May.