Other Nonfiction

During my time with Helium, I found many opportunities to write on other historical subjects, from the Middle Ages to the modern world. On this page, I have grouped the medieval subjects together, followed by other historical articles. A third group is for items that belong to other fields of study entirely, from physical anthropology to Shakespeare studies.


Feudalism in Europe During the Middle Ages

Biography: King Ethelred II (The Unready)

Arms and Armor of the Medieval Knight

Events That Led to the Battle of Hastings

An Overview of the Battle of Stamford Bridge, 1066

Consequences of William the Conqueror’s Victory at Hastings

The Immediate Cause of the First Crusade

The Aftermath of the Second Crusade

Why Saladin’s Victory at the Battle of Hattin Was a Turning Point in the History of the Crusades

An Overview of the Knights Templar

Who Were the Teutonic Knights?

What Was the Albigensian Crusade?

Battle Tactics of Genghis Khan

A Brief History of the Wars of the Roses

An Overview of the Battle of Bosworth Field


An Overview of the Spanish Armada

Bohemia in the Outbreak of the Thirty Years’ War

The Role of Sweden in the Thirty Years’ War

England’s Witch Hunt 1645-1647

An Introduction to the Battle of the Boyne

Captain John Avery: The Arch-Pirate

Why Lord Nelson Won the Battle of Trafalgar

Who Are Lewis and Clark?

An Overview of the Battle of Borodino

An Overview of the Congress of Vienna, 1814-15

History of the USS Monitor

Famous US Generals of the Civil War

Civil War Food: What Is Hard Tack?

Lewis Armistead’s Role in the Civil War

A History of the Battle of Chancellorsville

Pickett’s Charge and the Battle of Gettysburg

History of the Little Bighorn National Monument

Background to the Spanish-American War, 1898

Chronology of the Anglo-Boer War

The History of the German Empire in the 20th Century

A Brief History of the USSR

Death of the Romanov Family

The Fate of the Kulaks in Stalin’s Soviet Union

The Russian Revolution as an Origin of the Cold War


How to Recognize Prehistoric Stone Age Tools

Introduction to the Neolithic

The History of Chess

Which Came First: Language or Culture? Language

How to Make Speaking a Second Language Natural and Automatic

How Kenneth Branagh Has Made Shakespeare More Accessible

Shakespeare on Film: Kenneth Branagh’s Henry V

Shakespeare on Film: Oliver Parker’s Othello

Who Is Polonius from Hamlet by William Shakespeare?

Literary Analysis: A Summary of Dracula by Bram Stoker

A Visitor’s Guide to Deadwood, South Dakota

Is Artistic Skill Natural or Learned? Natural

How to Use Chopsticks Correctly