I have loved history since I was a child. Around the age of six, I discovered ancient Egypt, and several visits to the 1977 Treasures of Tutankhamun exhibit cemented this subject into lifelong significance. A few months later, a school project instilled a fascination with the Second World War. This, too, endured, and by the time I reached college, most of my nonfiction reading concerned history and related subjects, such as archaeology. History became an easy choice for my major.

Apart from college assignments, however, I did not write nonfiction until 2008, when I discovered the website Helium. I had learned about it from an issue of Writer’s Digest, and when I investigated it, I found that each category featured a list of topics that were waiting for writers. On the Ancient History page, I saw one about comparing Egyptian and Mesoamerican pyramids. This seemed like a perfect fit for my knowledge and interests.

I began by writing mainly on the subject of ancient Egypt, and those articles can be found on my Ancient History page. In time, I branched out into other subjects, and many of those articles will be found in Other Nonfiction. In August 2012, I was invited to take on the role of Channel Manager for The World Wars, a subset of History under the Humanities. I served in this capacity until Helium closed in December, 2014. I have given my work in The World Wars several pages of their own here.