In fiction, my primary interest is horror. At a young age, I chose Halloween as my favorite holiday, and this inspired a love of all of the tropes of classic horror, from ghosts and haunted houses to vampires, witches and werewolves. In high school, I read most of H.P. Lovecraft’s stories, and this inspired me to begin writing fiction of my own. Many of my stories are Lovecraftian to some degree, but others depend on classic horrors. I remain partial to ghost stories.

I do not generally write in other genres, but I read some fantasy and science fiction, and these works have surely influenced me as well. Chief among them would be J.R.R. Tolkien, whose tales of Middle Earth have captivated me many times. Dante, Shakespeare, Poe, Lovecraft and Tolkien would rank as my favorite authors.

For a sample of my fiction, see my story “Tisiphone,” which was inspired by the work of Poe. It first appeared on the Ghostwriting page of Ursula Bielski’s Chicago Hauntings.

My short story “Inmate” was published in May 2016 in issue #44 of Sanitarium. Digital copies can be purchased on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play Store or Pocketmags.

In June 2016, my short story “The Cold Girl” appeared in Volume 5, Issue 1 of Hypnos Magazine. Copies can be purchased on their website.